Green Olives

“OREON aitolian land” olives


According to Solon, “the olive fruit” is “the upmost remedy for any disease”.

How can someone succeed in producing what Solon mentioned?

“With a lot of love, energy, information and great effort” Efthimiou Family answers.


The olive tree, being a living organism, “lives”, “grows”, “is vulnerable to cold and illnesses”. If you handle it as a common tree that someday will give you its fruits, you lost the game.
If you handle it as your child and take care of it, it will generously give you its excellent fruits.

Long-lasting hard work is needed and long-lasting of accurate concentration in what you do. The place where you will plant your olives, the way you will plant them, the way that you will water them, you will fertilize them, you will protect them against various illnesses, the natural way that you will prune them, and above all the respect that you will show to them in order to gather from them their fruits are crucial factors for the final result.

The location of our olive groves at an altitude of 360 meters, away from the humidity of the sea, on sloping ground of the "Panaitolian" Mountain, located on rocky place, where there are no stacked waters, is ideal for the growth of healthy trees. Despite the fact that the waters from the peaks of the mountain pass through irrigation canals throughout our groves, we installed a fully automated water system, so that our olive trees get exactly the amount of water required by the necessary exact specification.

Furthermore, in order to take care of our olive trees, we use only natural or organic products. Pruning is a whole science for us, in order to purify our trees from unnecessary branches, without hurting them. Finally, harvested by hand, every single olive fruit one by one, with the required respect to both the tree and the fruit.

And this is just the beginning.

Endless hours and days are needed, so as to single out one by one our olives, removing the ones which may have any flaws, and separate them into sizes. After this, a natural ripening period of six months is needed, with precise instructions from our Chemists in our modern facilities.

In this way, we are confident for the excellent quality of our olives, we are confident that we have achieved "the greatest good", according to Solon.

We offer them to you in an excellent packaging. Either immersed in olive oil, or in various flavours, prepared with great care, according to the guidance of our food experts. Flavours such as thyme, garlic, orange, oregano, products which are also a part of our production.

 The choice is up to you...